Church Profile


The church is God’s great dream and the direct result of the grace and mercy of God toward all mankind.  The church isn’t a building or an institution, it’s people. The church is not exclusive or hierarchical, it’s a group of people with Jesus as the head.  The Bible speaks of the church as the Body of Christ and Jesus said, “I will build my church,” indicating that the ownership is His, not ours.

Church @1330 is a local expression of the church spread across the nations.  We are an Acts Global Church, a movement that was birthed out of a revival in Wales back in 1904. The church for us is a community of people, a place of encouragement, nurture, teaching and preaching, relationship and care. This church is not perfect, it’s made up of people who are doing their best to serve one another.


Wayne and Ruth Swift

Our Senior Pastors

Wayne and Ruth have a passion for reaching lost people with the gospel of Jesus and seeing people become all that God intended them to be. They have been in ministry together for 30 years and have led the Church at 1330 since 1998.

In addition to leading the Church @ 1330, Wayne serves as the National Leader of the Acts Global Churches while Ruth is a Network Leader overseeing and supporting many churches and pastors across the denomination.

Wayne & Ruth have four daughters who are actively involved in the Church @ 1330.

Wayne and Ruth